Scrub Island Invitational Inaugural Tournament Press Release 2019

The inaugural Scrub Island Invitational saw an International field highly accomplished teams and anglers from Brazil, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Many great memories were made with father Rafael Marti, daughter Christina and God son Sebastian releasing blue marlin on Pez Pieda.  Epic battles on Islamar with Umberto Denato spending over three hours on a large blue. Predator angler Manuel Matienzo successfully fought and release a hefty blue after a two hour fight.  

Comeback from dinged props and getting a late start the smallest boat in the fleet team Batichica with Captain Juan Garcia and mate Carlos Rosa released 4 blues to win the day. Anglers Gerald Torres, Javier Torres, Jorge Del Mazzano, Juan Puig and Miguel Hernandez won $41,800

Team Uno Mas is having a great year winning two events in Costa Rica and making the stage in the White Marlin Open and Mid-Atlantic $500,000. They added to their accomplishments placing third from 6-blue marlin releases with angler Maria Magalhaes Smith catching 4 of their six fish earning top Lady Angler honors. Captain and owner Brooks Smith, Sean Gallagher, Jeremy Cubillo, Eric Rojas, Dave Mothershed and Maria Magalhaes won $16,505

Team Wave Paver Another accomplished operation winning many times in the Bahamas and St. Thomas is led by owner and angler Jr. Davis, one of the most passionate owners in the game. Captain Russell Sinclair and mates Cody Moist and Noah Beaman released one blue on day one but on day two they dialed it in releasing 5 blues to win the day and take the lead in the tournament. They continued to pour it on the final day releasing 4 more blues including some large fish earning 5,000 points from 10 releases to take second place for total winnings of $66,557.50. 


Team Mon Chari in a brand new American Custom Yacht sea trialed on its way to Scrub Island putting the first 100-hours on her during the tournament. Captain Dave Dalfo and mate Bill Parker put owner Damon Chouest and teammate Mathew Coppoletta on the fish and stayed consistent through the tournament releasing 2 blues on day one and 4 blues on day 2. The third and final day of the tournament is one they will never forget battling for the daily and the tournament win in the final minutes of the day. After releasing 3 blues Mon Chari and Wave Paver were tied for first. Mon Chari hooked up at 4:20 with Wave Paver hooking up at 4:24. The race was on with the team releasing their fish first ultimately determining the outcome.  Both teams had good sized fish on making it more difficult to get a quick release. The call came at 4:30 for the release for Mon Chari giving them first place team and the dailies. Total winnings $102,062.50 and the incredible custom trophy.   

The tournament is presented by the Scrub Island Resort Marina and was sponsored by Lewis Marine, Papas Pilar, Big T Lures and Carey Chen Marine Artist.